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    We believe that the time for the Electric Hearse has come.          

    It is not just about the Planet although that is vitally important.

    It is about choice and about what type of hearse is appropriate  in the 21st century.

Our report shows recharging points near your postcode and at 50 miles afield.  Of course you can also recharge your car from standard three pin plug ‘at home’ in your garage using the Nissan charger supplied.

Electric vehicles are the cheapest vehicles to operate and maintain.  We recommend battery leasing to maximise the life of the vehicle as Nissan will replace the battery in the vehicle’s old age or earlier if needed. More in the report.

The economics of an investment in a new electric hearse, including low purchase cost, to meet a range of funeral types is calculated in the report.

Please get in touch and see how having an electric hearse can work for you.

The Brahms hearse is based on the Nissan Leaf electric car which is now built in the UK at Nissan’s Sunderland Factory.  The vehicle’s batteries are also made there.  Nissan Leaf is built to a very high standard both internally and out.  It has a spacious cabin which is extended by the curve of the Brahms side glass, gives ample room for a coffin deck.

The deck is motorised (see this as part of the Gallery video) to allow the driver to optimise the side view when driving; and changes slope to a slight positive gradient assist with rolling out the coffin at the destination.  A horizontal crash beam with airbag sensor is built into the ‘passenger’ side of the vehicle to provide side impact protection.

A traditional walnut deck is standard but other finishes are available. The rear of the deck has fixings for small and very small coffins.

Left hand drive vehicles and colours other than black are also offered.

The Electric Hearse

The motorised deck allows driver to easily view over the coffin, its about c


Costs and Economics - Request report - via the comments box

If you would like to register an interest in learning more about the electric hearse, or hearse hire, perhaps to meet at our Factory - please use the comment box below too